Campaign Cancer Screening Cervical
France - The National Cancer Institute launched a national awareness campaign to screening for cervical cancer of the uterus, causing over a thousand deaths a year.

Throughout the month of June, the 23,000 pharmacies in France and overseas and occupational physicians will make the relay of information and awareness of women screened for cervical cancer. If the vaccine against certain Papillomavirus (HPV) protects the appearance of 70% of cervical cancers, Pap smear screening is recommended for all women, vaccinated or not.

Regular screening can detect early precancerous lesions and cancer of the cervix and treated effectively. Screening is recommended for all women 25 to 65 years, vaccinated or not, every three years (after the first two normal smears performed one year apart). The doctor may decide that a more regular screening according to the history of the patient.

The smear test is a quick, easy and painless of levying cells of the cervix. The review, requested by the attending physician or gynecologist, is covered by health insurance. In case of positive results, other tests may be performed to determine the nature of the anomaly.

The vaccine against certain types of HPV is recommended for girls 14 years old, but young women 15 to 23 years have not had sex or within one year after the start of their sex life may benefit. The vaccine coverage remains partial (70% of cancers) and the screening required.


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