Blood Genetically Modified To Create Rare Blood
France - Researchers from the French Blood Alps-Mediterranean could change one blood group through gene transfer. A breakthrough that will perhaps eventually to produce samples of rare blood.

Their work used the blood group system Kidd / JK as a model, a blood group among the 30 known, particularly critical in the field of blood transfusion.

While for certain blood groups as ABO, it is possible to obtain blood samples with any combination of antigens, the total lack of group antigens Kidd / JK on the surface of red blood cells particularly rare.

The strategy combines the technology of gene transfer, RNA interference and in vitro generation of red blood cells. Using vectors for gene transfer derived from HIV, the work of this French team showed it is possible to genetically modify stem cells from umbilical cord blood by inducing suppression of the expression of a gene (SLC14A1) that encodes the protein Kidd / JK.

These genetically modified cells are grown in the laboratory to generate red blood cells are tested using techniques routine laboratory blood. These tests show that these red cells have the same characteristics as those of a donor rare Jk null.

This type of blood sample "artificial" could be used in diagnostic laboratories of blood groups as reference sample. Many developments are still needed to devise an industrial development that could lead to regular use. These works still represent a first step towards the creation of rare blood samples used in diagnostic tests conducted in the field of blood safety.


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