Statins may reduce the risk of dementia and loss of memory
Scientists have found that taking statins, drugs anticholesterol, can protect the body against memory loss and dementia (cognitive disorder). The study followed for five years 1674 Mexican Americans aged 60 and older.

A quarter of these patients took a statin and in total there were 130 people who developed dementia. Other risk factors taken into account (including education, smoking and diabetes), the authors calculated that people taking statins had approximately 50% less risk of developing dementia. Another study of different authors also suggests that drugs to reduce blood pressure may also reduce the risk of dementia.

According to the principal author of the research, Professor Mary Haan of the University of Michigan, the result is very important that the prize for five to seven years of statins led to reduced risk of dementia by half.

Statins help to reduce the risk of heart attack by reducing the rate of cholesterol which can clog blood vessels. It is believed that poor blood supply to the brain may be one factor that promotes the development of dementia. Therefore, if statins help keep the vascular health and good blood circulation in the brain may also help prevent dementia.

However the mode of action of statins is not yet entirely clear about the way biochemical involved in dementia. According to Professor Mary Haan One possibility is that statins may help reduce levels of insulin, which was also involved in the development of dementia.

But according to reviewers advice not to use statins in preventing dementia due to the side effects of drug. Other studies broader confirmation must also be undertaken.


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