Algae To Cure Heart Disease
Israel - The team of Professor Leor Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva has developed a Biogel from brown algae, which could prove useful in the treatment and convalescence from heart disease, according to the website How it walking.

The Biogel is administered in the heart through the coronary artery and is transformed into a protective structure between the cells and fibers of the heart. After a heart attack, it strengthens the heart tissue and promotes repair of damaged muscles by the attack.

Tests on pigs and then humans have shown that the gel diminished the expansion of infarction and reduced left ventricular dilation. It also reduces recovery time, stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and heart tissue regeneration. The injection is done safely, does not cause arrhythmias, toxic shock or vascular obstruction.

For researchers, the gel is a true innovation beneficial to the preservation of heart tissue in the moments after the attack. More than a heart attack is handled quickly, unless the heart is injured and the death rate is low. Currently in the final stages of clinical trials, the gel should be placed on the market since 2011.


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