The Infertile Obese Women Explained ?
Australia - Dr Robk University of Adelaide have found the reason for infertility in obese women.

By studying cases of ninety-six women seeking assistance for reproduction in a private clinic between February 2006 and April 2007, Dr. Robk could target an alteration of the ovaries in obese patients, tainting their eggs are unable to into embryos.

Obese women, even young and with regular menstrual cycles, take longer to conceive. Dr. Robk wanted to understand whether environmental degradation of the egg can contribute. His study found that "obese women have a high fat and inflammation in the fluid surrounding the egg, which may affect the development of the latter".

These are fats that alter the egg and are therefore harmful to its development. Inflammation would also jeopardize the survival of the embryo formed. These findings were confirmed by measurements of levels of hormones and metabolites content in the follicular fluid of ovarian cancer patients (accumulation of cells in the ovaries).

Dr. Robk concluded: "Obesity is known to change the fat into the bloodstream and cause inflammation that affects the overall health of a person". Our research shows that obesity is also changing the environment of the ovary which nourishes the developing ova.


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