Infertility Due To Changes In Reproductive Organs?
Israel - Dr Hasson of the University of Tel Aviv issued a new theory about the declining fertility of human couples. The evolution of reproductive organs would make sperm more aggressive face of ova more protectionist.

To Dr. Hasson, thousands of years of evolution have altered the complementarity of the reproductive organs of men and women. "The rate of human infertility is much higher than expected. At present, developments should have improved our success rate. Something else happens," says he.

For thousands of years, women's bodies has forced the sperm to be more competitive and therefore more aggressive. But this aggressiveness alters the blocking process that occurs when the egg is fertilized by one sperm.

The new force of sperm that the blocking process has no time to implement and a second sperm can enter the egg. The egg is then destroyed by the polyspermy and fertilization stopped.

"To avoid the fatal consequences of polyspermy, female reproductive tract has evolved to become a formidable barrier to sperm". This fuels an arms race "between the sexes that causes the decline of fertility," describes Dr. Hasson.

An estimated 10% of couples experiencing fertility problems. The lifestyle and environmental causes are often cited to justify this reduction.


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