Genetics: New Hope Of A Successful IVF
Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University in the United States have found a potential means to correct inherited disorders, that affect thousands of women.

Monkeys born using this technique
The authors, worked with monkeys, have transferred genetic material necessary for the birth of a healthy baby from a defective egg originally rendered by sound technique.

This technique of American authors, published in the medical journal Nature, raises the hope that treatment will enable some couples to have a healthy child without having to resort to donor eggs. However, it should be noted that the future child will have a limited number of genes from one - third parent.

The treatment will involve genetic changes that can be transmitted to future generations. The genetic defect is contained in structures called mitochondria. If an egg with faulty mitochondria is fertilized, the resulting child could have any of hundreds of different diseases including anemia, dementia, hypertension and a range of neurological disorders.

The animal research laboratory led by Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov, could now be in the author applied in humans within two or three years. According to him, every 30 minutes, a child born carrying one of these diseases could be prevented with this technique is closer to clinical application that everything had been done before.

According to one commentator, Professor Dr. Robin Lovell-Badge, responding to some concerns should not worry about a germline alteration since mitochondria do not provide specific human quality. The technique could be compared to the action of changing the bacteria in the intestines, which should, supposes he upset anyone. In England, however, a law should be amended to allow the use of this technique in patients.


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