Obesity : The Role Of The Intestinal Microflora
Spanish researchers (from CSIC, Higher Council for Scientific Research) were interested in the relationship between body mass and composition of intestinal microflora. Their comments suggest that the intestinal microflora contributes to the energy input to the organization and composition influence the regulation of a person's weight. They publish their findings in the journal Obesity (reference below).

The new research focused on the relationships between some specific components of the intestinal microflora, lifestyle, and the regulation of body weight. The results could be decisive in the development of future nutrition intervention strategies that can prevent obesity and related metabolic diseases through the modulation of the composition of the intestinal flora.

The Institute of Agro-Chemical and Food Technology of the CSIC conducted the study with 36 overweight adolescents with obesity or treated based on the reduction of energy intake and an increase physical activity for 10 weeks. This study highlights the differences in responses among teenagers after treatment. The majority has lost significant weight, ie more than 4kg after treatment, however, a subgroup of 13 adolescents had lost less than 2.

Bacteroides and Clostridium
The differences in results suggest that the composition of intestinal microflora of each individual has a role to play. The group of individuals who lost the most weight presented a higher proportion of Bacteroides and Clostridium (type of intestinal bacteria) that the group had not presented significant weight loss before or after treatment.

The analysis of the composition of energy intake and diet has practiced not differ significantly between the two groups. However, the energy detected in the faeces was higher among adolescents who have not experienced a significant weight loss. These data suggest that the gut microflora influences the development of obesity and contributes to the energy intake of the body.

The study conducted by several research groups is intended to establish a multidisciplinary education program (diet, physical activity and psychological profile) for adolescents with overweight or obese. In this regard, moreover this project recently received an award from the Ministry of Health and Social Policy.
Item: Interplay Between Weight Loss and Gut Microbiota Composition in Overweight adolescents
Authors: Arlette Santacruz, Ascension Marcos, Julia Warnberg, Amelia Marti, Miguel Martin-Matilla, Cristina Campoy, Luis Moreno, Oscar Veiga, Carlos Redondo-Figueroa, Jesús M. Garagorri, Cristina Azcona, Manuel Delgado, Miguel Garcia-Fuentes, Maria C. Collado, Yolanda Sanz
Journal Publication: Obesity


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