Why Our Genes Are Also Aging ?
Certainly, we see our skin wrinkle, reducing our physical potential, but why our gene activity is reduced with age it? New research has shown that a protein best known for his role in increasing life during a low calorie diet, also maintains the stability of the mammalian genome.

This protein is called SIRT1 and works by keeping certain genes turned on or off. When the DNA begins to be damaged, the protein SIRT1 are expected to leave their posts and work to repair DNA. Change Working SIRT1 with age that gene activity changes.

Researchers have seen in the brains of mice and also in other tissues. When the protein SIRT1 do more work, gene activity is "almost anything". This brings hope that we can find a way to "turn the tide" and make sure to replenish the protein SIRT1.

An interesting thing to note in the context of this genetic research is the strong resemblance between what happens in yeast and mammals. This is very encouraging for progress in this field.

Sources: Imaginascience, Sciencentric


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