Detection of risk of preterm birth
United Kingdom - A team of researchers at King's College and University College London have discovered that progesterone levels present in saliva to determine the risk of preterm delivery.

Women who give birth prematurely, before 34 weeks of pregnancy were found to have progesterone levels lower in their saliva.

The scientists analyzed samples of saliva in ninety-two pregnant women who are at risk for preterm delivery.

These samples were collected each week from 24 weeks of pregnancy until 34 weeks or until delivery.

Depending on their date of birth (before 34 weeks, between 34 and 37 weeks, and after 37 weeks or at term), the researchers found that those women had progesterone levels in saliva rather different.

More delivery approach of the term and the rate is high. The progesterone is known for its anti-inflammatory capacity and low levels of this hormone may make the body vulnerable to bacteria, known cause of premature delivery.

As this low rate can be detected from the sixth month of pregnancy, a simple test and non-invasive to the fetus could be developed and thus identify preterm delivery

Sources: MaxiSciences


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