A Protein To The Regeneration Of The Kidney
Spain - A team from the Spanish Research Network failure (REDinREN) was able to establish why the kidney is able to grow significantly to offset the loss of another kidney, due to illness, accident or of organ donation.

The team of Dr. Ortiz de Jimenez Diaz Foundation in Madrid has seen, in mice, only 2 to 4 hours after removal of both kidneys, a receptor on the cell surface of the remaining kidney and Tweak protein coupled receptor that is growing.

Tests on mice genetically modified to lack the protein Tweak, indicate a virtual absence of the phenomenon of growth of the kidney remaining after removal of the other. If we inject these animals the missing protein, growth returns to normal kidney.

REDinREN was therefore associated with U.S. companies producing Tweak for tests on human patients. In the case of ablation, the remaining kidney would grow easier. In the case of damage to a kidney regeneration it would be easier.

If Tweak promotes the proliferation of kidney cells, it also accelerates the development of tumor cells. The development of antibodies will be necessary for the development of a treatment or even the creation of kidneys in vitro from stem cells.


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