Two new antibodies may pave way for powerful AIDS vaccine
U.S. - Researchers associated with the Global Initiative for Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have discovered two new antibodies with powerful capabilities of neutralizing HIV. This discovery is very promising in the context of a vaccine.

PG9 and PG16, both antibodies detected are the first to be identified from donors countries in development. More than 1,800 volunteers from ten countries, including seven in Africa, have provided blood samples under the Protocol G, program of IAVI.

With the collaboration of several laboratories and research institutes, researchers were able to isolate the antibodies by developing a new test called test micro-neutralization. Test that should enable the discovery of new antibodies in the future.

Researchers will now exploit this vulnerability the virus to develop new approaches to vaccines. Wayne Koff, head of research and development of the IAVI, said: "This discovery is in itself a promising breakthrough towards the goal of developing an effective vaccine against AIDS. Because we have identified this target, we are ready to find more, which should further accelerate global efforts in vaccine development against AIDS".

Antibodies are produced by a minority of infected people. Researchers estimate that to prevent infection, a vaccine against AIDS should teach the body how to produce these antibodies before exposure to the virus. Before this discovery, only four antibodies have been uncovered. A comprehensive study of antibodies PG9 and PG16 expected to reveal new vulnerabilities of the virus.

This study have been published in the journal Science.


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