Clone a protein to fight against infertility ?
Canada - New treatments for infertility may soon become reality thanks to the discovery of Quebec researchers: they are the first to have cloned a protein important for sperm maturation. A discovery that could affect both the treatment of infertility and the development of new methods of male contraception.

The protein is called protein-binding sperm (Binder of Sperm or BSP).

"We had already isolated and characterized BSP many species, including bull and the boar," said Professor Puttaswamy Manjunath, primary author of the research. We know from these studies that if this protein is missing or defective in these species, fertility is compromised. We believe that this protein is equally important in humans.

"For several years we have not searched the right place. Furthermore, since the BSP are produced in minute quantities, it was impossible to isolate and characterize". The researcher and his team are left to zero by cloning, they were finally able to produce and purify the protein.

"After many trials, we could produce the human protein-binding functional sperm. Our next steps are to confirm its biological role in human fertility" the scientist concludes.

SOURCE: University of Montreal


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