All universal donor blood
A discovery by an international research team can convert any blood group O, group "universal donor" blood can be transfused to patients of any blood type. It also group whose reserves are less important.

Two molecules, called "enzymes glycosidases" were identified in bacteria by the team at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) directed by Henrik Clausen. These enzymes can convert groups A, B and AB to group O.

The ABO system
Blood groups are defined by the ABO system, ie the presence on the surface of red blood cell antigen "A", "B" or "AB" (These antigens are structures based sugar, galactose and N-acetylgalactosamine). The O does none of these antigens. That absence of antigen, which allows blood type O to be transfused to anyone. The transfusion of incompatible blood can have severe consequences or even death.

The enzymes cleave these discoveries antigens A and B. Trials are now needed to see if such blood is safe and functional.

2500 bacteria and fungi screened
The Danish team has screened more than 2,500 bacteria and fungi (mushrooms) to finally get their hands on bacteria Bacteroides fragilis and Elizabethkingia meningosepticum that produce enzymes glycosidases capable of achieving cleavage of antigens A and B.

The ZYMEQUEST company based in the Boston area (USA) worked with the Danish team and is responsible for conducting tests cliniqes to ensure that the blood product and is safe and functional.

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