Stem Cells Repair Heart Injuries
United States - The team of Dr. Terzic of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester has succeeded for the first time to repair heart injuries caused by a heart attack using stem cells.

This is the first time that cells induced pluripotent stem (iPS), an artificially-derived non-pluripotent cell in which it induces the expression of specific genes, are used to treat heart disease. Stem cells from the mice used in this study were genetically reprogrammed so that they become stem cells capable of growth in the heart.

The iPS serve the renewal of tissues and can differentiate to produce several types of human cells. These cells are excluded from the controversy generated around embryonic cells because they are induced by the patient himself.

In four weeks, the stem cells implanted in mice have successfully stopped the progression of lesions caused by heart attacks and regenerate injured tissue.

With this study, the researchers hope to eventually be able to use own stem cells to repair the patient's heart, instead of using a heart transplant. Dr. Terzic provides the ability to change adult cells to produce on demand a cardiovascular regenerative therapy.


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